Create New Google API Project (Google API - Register new OAuth App)

How to register Google OAuth Application (Get ClientID and ClientSecret)

Introduction In our previous article we understood little bit about OAuth 2.0 Protocol. We talked how to use Default App for ease of use. However In this post you will learn how to register Google OAuth Application so you can access various Google Services programmatically (e.g Youtube, Google Analytics, AdWords, DoubleClick etc.). Here is the […]

REST API Looping/Pagination via URL Page Number Parameter (Loop until last page detected)

Understanding REST API Pagination in SSIS / ODBC Drivers

Introduction In this blog post, you will learn concepts and patterns about REST API Pagination (JSON / XML / SOAP or CSV API). We will describe methods and steps to implement REST API Pagination in SSIS PowerPack or  ODBC PowerPack API Drivers without coding. Both Products share similar user interface with minor difference. For example purpose […]