SSIS Example : Update MongoDB Array Items / Elements (Update, Delete, Insert - Using $set, $pull, $push)

Update MongoDB Array Items using SSIS

Introduction In our previous blog post we saw how to perform Read and Write operations in MongoDB using SSIS (i.e. Bulk Update, Delete, Upsert, Insert). In this post we specifically focus on how to update MongoDB Array items / elements using SSIS. To make things simple to follow we have used JSON Source to produce […]

SSIS MongoDB Source- Date Time Options ( Parse MongoDB Date)

How to parse MongoDB Date time in SSIS

Introduction In our previous post we explained how to read/load MongoDB data in SSIS. This post covers specifically how to parse MongoDB date time stored inside your MongoDB documents. By default any well known date formats (e.g. ISO date) will be parsed as valid datetime (e.g. DT_DBTIMESTAMP) when you use SSIS MongoDB Source. But if you […]

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How to extract multiple arrays from MongoDB using SSIS

Since MongoDB Source supports only one output you cannot select two different hierarchies as your filter criteria. However solution is easy. You can perform following steps to achieve similar result without fetching data twice with multiple sources. Same steps described below can be applied for JSON Source (read more here) Steps – Extract multiple arrays […]

Call MongoDB JavaScript in SSIS Using Execute SQL Task - Aggregate Command Example - Save raw JSON output into SSIS variable

How to call MongoDB JavaScript using SSIS

Introduction SSIS PowerPack comes with great features for MongoDB Integration Scenarios but in this post we will focus on how to call MongoDB Javascript (Server side) using SSIS. For this purpose we will use SSIS MongoDB Execute SQL Task This powerful task not only easy to use but it supports calling any valid MongoDB commands […]

Sample SSIS Package - Create MongoDB Document in BSON format (JSON with functions). Update or Insert Mode

Create MongoDB documents for load process in SSIS (JSON, BSON)

Introduction In our previous article we discussed how to load data into MongoDB (Insert, Update or Upsert Mode) with various options. In this post we will more on how to create MongoDB Document for load process. We will see how to produce BSON (MongoDB Specific JSON which may have functions such as ObjectID, ISODate). This […]

Insert multiple documents in MongoDB Collection (JSON or BSON format)

How to Insert Multiple Documents into MongoDB using SSIS

Introduction In this post you will learn how to use MongoDB ExecuteSQL Task for SSIS to insert multiple documents into MongoDB collection using SSIS. This task can be used to perform any DDL or DML operations for MongoDB natively inside SSIS without using any command line utilities. It gives you flexibility and security of SSIS. […]

Calling MongoDB Shell command in SSIS (Example- Add/Remove Users)

How to add / remove MongoDB User in SSIS

Introduction In this blog post you will learn how to call MongoDB Shell Commands from SSIS using MongoDB ExecuteSQL task Some of the use cases of calling MongoDB shell commands are listed here How to call MongoDB Shell Commands in SSIS Download and install SSIS PowerPack from here From toolbox of SSIS designer drag  ZS MongoDB […]

SSIS Example - Loading data into MongoDB, Read from MongoDB, Upsert, Upsert, Delete Insert JSON Documents, Execute Shell Commands

SSIS – Loading data into MongoDB (Upsert, Delete, Update)

Introduction MongoDB is one of the most poplar NoSQL database out there. In this article you will learn how to use ZappySys MongoDB Destination Connector to perform various bulk operations on MongoDB such as Insert, Update, Delete and Upsert. If you wish to learn how to Update MongoDB Array items then check this blog post instread. […]

Read MongoDB Data from array (extract nested sub documents)

Read MongoDB data from array (extract nested sub documents)

Introduction In this post you will learn how to read MongoDB data from Array. We recently introduced new JSON Path expression feature in SSIS MongoDB Source Connector to extract nested information from MongoDB documents. Read documents from Array in MongoDB By default SSIS MongoDB Source Connector doesn’t support extracting data using JSON Path expression. So if you […]

SSIS MongoDB Source - MongoDB SQL Query - Filter by date (Query ISODate)

How to query MongoDB by date or ISODate

Introduction ZappySys provides high performance drag and drop connectors for MongoDB Integration. In our previous post we discussed how to query/load MongoDB data (Insert, Update, Delete, Upsert). In this post you will see how to query MongoDB by date (or ISODate) using SSIS MongoDB Source. To see full detail about possible query syntax see online help. MongoDB […]