SSIS CSV file Destination

SSIS CSV file Destination

CSV File Destination can be used to write data in CSV / TSV file format. You can also split large files by row count or size at runtime. It also supports writing files directly in compressed format such as GZip (*.gz).


  • Create CSV (Comma Separated), TSV (Tab separated) or custom delimited files from any SSIS Source
  • Output as plain text or compressed file gzip (*.gz) or zip
  • Automatic File splitting by row count of file size
  • Supports dynamic file paths (Use variable in File Path).
  • Easy to use source to target column mapping
  • Support for SQL Server 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012 (32/64 bit) and now Azure Data Factory
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SSIS CSV File Destination – FILE Connection

SSIS CSV File Destination ( FILE Connection)

CSV File destination support 3 ways to supply file path. Via FILE connection manager, FLATFILE Connection Manager and you set path in FilePath Property.

SSIS CSV File Destination – Properties

CSV File Destination Properties

CSV File Destination Property Screen

SSIS CSV File Destination – Mappings Screen

CSV File Destination input columns

You can select which columns you like to output in CSV File. You can also rename header column names for CSV File.

SSIS CSV File Destination – Create multiple Compressed CSV Files (With auto split by row count)

CSV destination example compression

It supports GZip (*.gz) and Zip compression mode. You can also Split files by Row count or Size. Automatically creates multiple files.

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How to write data into CSV file in SSIS (GZip / Split)

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Load PostgreSQL Table Data to CSV File in SSIS

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