SSIS DummyData Source Adapter (Generate Fake Data for Testing)

DummyData Source can be used to generate large amount of records for sample data for testing. You can easily set datatype, enter sample values for each column or leave it blank for default random value generation. Component comes with 3 inbuilt profiles to get you started.

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In this section you will learn how to use DummyData Source to generate 5000 sample data rows with some meaningful data for testing.
  1. Firstly, You need to Download and Install SSIS ZappySys PowerPack.
  2. Once you finished first step, Open Visual Studio and Create New SSIS Package Project.
  3. Now, Drag and Drop SSIS Data Flow Task from SSIS Toolbox.
    SSIS Data Flow Task - Drag and Drop
  4. Double click on the Data Flow task to see Data Flow designer surface.
  5. From the SSIS toolbox drag and drop ZS DummyData Source on the data flow designer surface.
    SSIS DummyData Source - Drag and Drop
  6. Double click DummyData Source and select Customer profile from Template dropdown.
  7. Once you change Template you will notice that lot of columns automatically added. Notice how sample values are set for many columns along with its value delimiter. You may use many inbuilt placeholders in your sample values such as ({NULL} for null value, {TAB} for tab character, {CRLF} for new line)
  8. Change [How many rows] setting to 5000.
    SSIS DummyData Source - Configure
  9. Click OK to save settings.
  10. We can use DummyData Source like this, click here.
  11. Here, you can insert data into SQL Server Table, Check Here
  12. Now, Just Drag and Drop Our Free ZS Trash Destination on the data flow designer surface from SSIS Toolbox.
    SSIS Trash Destination - Drag and Drop
  13. Now single click on the DummyData Source once you see blue arrow from source ... connect it to Trash Destination.
  14. Double click on ZS Trash Destination to Configure it.
    SSIS Trash Destination - Configure
  15. Right click on the path and Add Data Viewer.
  16. Execute the package and verify source data in data viewer.
    SSIS DummyData Source - Execute

Component Custom Properties

Property Name Description
TotalRows Specifies how many sample rows you want generate.
RandomizeSampleValueOrder Specifies in which order sample values will be used. If this property is True then sample value will be used in random order for all generated rows otherwise they will be accessed in sequential order based on matching row index.

Output Column Custom Properties

Property Name Description
SampleData Sample data for output column. If you don't specify any value than inbuilt randomizer will be used to generate sample value based on output column DataType and Length property.
MyNote{TAB}: buy groceries|MyNote has 3 lines... Line1{CRLF}Line2{CRLF}Line3{CRLF}
ValueDelimiter Delimiter for sample value. This delimiter used to split sample values to use for data generation

Error handling

  • This component supports error output.
  • Any bad value will cause Error or Truncation (e.g. If your sample value is 5 character long but output column length is set to 3 chars). If you have error output attached with RedirectRow option on Error, Truncation then you can capture bad rows along with exact reason of error.


  • Dummy data source performance depends on mainly 3 parameters. Total number of output columns, Datatype/Size of column and Total number of rows.
  • If you specify sample values for output column then new generated row will try to grab matching index from sample value list (separated by value separator). E.g. For colID if you specify SampleData=AAA,BBB,CCC,DDD,EEE .... then 1st row will output AAA for colID, BBB for 2nd row, CCC for 3rd row...
  • If you have more rows than sample values it will cycle back from 1st value by default. if you want to randomize sample value access then set RandomizeSampleValueOrder=true
  • If you do not specify sample values then default algorithm will be used to generate random value.
  • If you prefer to generate NULL value along with other values then you can use {NULL} as sample value.

Settings UI

SSIS DummyData Source - Setting UI
SSIS DummyData Source - Setting UI
SSIS DummyData Source - Setting UI


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