SSIS PostgreSQL Destination Adapter

SSIS API Destination

API Destination can be used to write data to popular API Data Services using predefined Connector File without learning internals of API Calls. This component also allows you to return API call response as a Flat Table after you submit data.


  • It is possible to create your own connector
  • Easy to use. You can use our configuration without having API knowledge
  • You can create a connector based on existing connections.
  • Support for Zendesk, OData, Zoho CRM, Google Sheets, Google Bigquery, Nativo, MVS and growing
SSIS Amazon SQS Source Connector - Video Tutorial
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ScreenshotsUseful LinksSystem Requirements

Create new API connection

Configure PostgreSQL destination Mapping settings

Supports the new ZS-API Connection

Choose [OData] from Popular Connectors dropdown and Click Continue

Configure PostgreSQL destination Mapping settings Configure OData connection

Or select another connection on search online

Configure PostgreSQL destination Mapping settings

There will be more options to connect

Select API destination Connection

Select your connection and table/endpoint

Configure API destination Mapping settings

Configurate the Mappings tab

Configure Columns Tab to review output columns

Uncheck the columns you don’t need

Execute the package and verify data in the file (used in Trash Destination)

Use another destination to get the response from the API


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