SSIS MongoDB ExecuteSQL Task

MongoDB ExecuteSQL Task can be used to execute ad-hoc commands for MongoDB (e.g. DDL statements such as Create/Drop collection, DML statements such as Insert, Update, Delete or Run JavaScript and shell commands.)


  • Intuitive user interface with many examples makes MongoDB learning super easy and fast
  • Call DDL statements such as Create/Drop table
  • Execute DML statements such as Select/Insert/Update/Delete
  • Support for calling Database, Collection, Server MongoDB commands using JavaScript
  • Saving RawResult (e.g. JSON response) into SSIS variable
  • Extract SingleValue from response such as count or size from getStats function response.
  • Save in FullResultset as dataset (e.g. select * from mycollection) can be stored as recordset (can be used with ForEachLoop container task for looping).

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Insert document into MongoDB

MongoDB execute command - insert JSON document into MongoDB


Get table list as recordset variable (Used with ForEachLoop)

MongoDB get table list as recordset variable (Used with ForEachLoop)


Call server side MongoDB JavaScript functions

MongoDB call server side JavaScript


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