SSIS Zip File Task (Zip,Unzip,Gzip compression)

SSIS Zip File Task is a FREE task which can compress or uncompress (Unzip) file in Zip or Gzip format. It supports many advanced options including multi-threads.


  • Zip/Unzip multiple files or folders using Zip or GZip format
  • Support for password protected Zip files
  • Support multi threaded operations (Use of multiple CPU Cores)
  • Support for wild card pattern (e.g. File*.csv)
  • Support for regular expression (i.e. Regex) to include/exclude files (e.g. .exe$|.msi$ )
  • Support for three compression modes (NoCompression,Deflate,NoCompression)
  • Auto create missing target folder
  • Support for various encryption algorithm for password protected archives (Aes-128, Aes-192,Aes-256 and Zip20 for PKWARE encryption)
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SSIS Zip File Task - Gzip, Unzip, Compress multiple files and folders

SSIS Zip File Task – Zip, Gzip, Unzip, Compress multiple files and folders



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