ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector
ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector Help
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How to read data from ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) in (Export data)

In this section we will learn how to configure and use ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector in the API Source to extract data from the ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho).

  1. Begin with opening Visual Studio and Create a New Project.

  2. Select Integration Service Project and in new project window set the appropriate name and location for project. And click OK.

  3. In the the new SSIS project screen you will find the following:

    1. SSIS ToolBox on left side bar
    2. Solution Explorer and Property Window on right bar
    3. Control flow, data flow, event Handlers, Package Explorer in tab windows
    4. Connection Manager Window in the bottom
    SSIS Project Screen
    Note: If you don't see ZappySys SSIS PowerPack Task or Components in SSIS Toolbox, please refer to this help link.

  4. Now, Drag and Drop SSIS Data Flow Task from SSIS Toolbox. Double click on the Data Flow Task to see Data Flow designer.
    SSIS Data Flow Task - Drag and Drop

  5. From the SSIS toolbox drag and drop API Source (Predefined Templates) on the data flow designer surface, and double click on it to edit it:
    SSIS API Source (Predefined Templates) - Drag and Drop

  6. Select New Connection to create a new connection:
    API Source - New Connection

  7. Use a preinstalled ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector from Popular Connector List or press Search Online radio button to download ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector. Once downloaded simply use it in the configuration:

    ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho)
    ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector Selection

  8. Proceed with selecting the desired Authentication Type. Then select API Base URL (in most cases default one is the right one). Finally, fill in all the required parameters and set optional parameters if needed. You may press a link Steps to Configure which will help set certain parameters. More info is available in Authentication section.

    OAuth Connection for ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus API [

    Steps to get ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Credentials : OAuth [OAuth]
    To register custom App, perform the following steps (Detailed steps found in the help link at the end)
    1. Go to Zoho API Console
    2. Click Add Client link
    3. Select Server-based Applications option
    4. Enter desired client name (Display purpose only)
    5. Enter some URL for Company homepage
    6. For Authorized Redirect URI enter (Or enter your own but we recommend using ZappySys one if possible). This URL must match on Zoho Connector UI.
    7. Click CREATE.
    8. Copy Client ID and Secret and paste on Zoho Connector UI.

    Fill in all required parameters and set optional parameters if needed:

    ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho)
    OAuth [OAuth]
    Required Parameters
    Optional Parameters
    ClientId Fill in the parameter...
    ClientSecret Fill in the parameter...
    Permissions Fill in the parameter...
    AccountUrl Fill in the parameter...
    RedirectUrl Fill in the parameter...
    RetryMode Fill in the parameter...
    RetryStatusCodeList Fill in the parameter...
    RetryCountMax Fill in the parameter...
    RetryMultiplyWaitTime Fill in the parameter...
    ODBC DSN Oauth Connection Configuration

  9. Select the desired endpoint, change/pass the properties values, and click on Preview Data button to make the API call.

    API Source - ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho)
    ManagedEngine (Zoho) ServiceDesk Plus Connector can be used to integrate ServiceDesk Plus data in your App / BI Tools. You can read/write Requests, Tasks, Comments, Worklogs and many other items.
    API Source - Select Endpoint

  10. That's it; we are done. In a few clicks we configured the call to ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) using ZappySys ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector