ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector
ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector Help
Version 1
ZappySys Logo File Version: v1
Supported Engine: 4


On this page you will find some SQL examples which can be used for API ODBC Driver or Data Gateway API Connector.
Example Query
List requests
SELECT * FROM Requests
Read request details by ID
SELECT * FROM Requests Where id=111112345
Delete request
DELETE FROM Requests Where id=111112345
List request tasks
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Tasks WITH (RequestId=111112345)
Read request task details
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Task_Details  (RequestId=111112345, TaskId=222212345)
List request task comments
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Task_Comments  (RequestId=111112345, TaskId=222212345)
Read request task comment details
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Task_Comment_Details (RequestId=111112345, TaskId=222212345, CommentId=333312345)
List request notes
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Notes WITH (RequestId=111112345)
Read request note details
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Note_Details (RequestId=111112345, NoteId=222212345)
List request worklog
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Worklogs WITH (RequestId=111112345)
Read request worklog details
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Worklog_Details (RequestId=111112345, WorklogId=222212345)
List request task worklog
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Task_Worklogs WITH (RequestId=111112345, TaskId=22222345)
Read request task worklog details
SELECT * FROM get_Request_Task_Worklog_Details (RequestId=111112345, TaskId=22222345, WorklogId=333312345)