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    Many people wonder if its possible to run SSIS Packages in Azure Cloud so you pay as you go.

    Right now there is no direct option where you can host SSIS Packages under Cloud service (Like Azure SQL Server or Azure Blob Storage)

    So your only option is… Create VM on Azure and then run SSIS Service or SQL Server to host your SSIS Packages under VM. you can write PowerShell scripts to start and Stop your VM after SSIS job is done so you are not charged for VM Hours. You can also change VM Capacity as you need this way its easy to scale in future.

    Update May 8, 2018:

    Microsoft has announced support for running SSIS as Managed Service in Azure Data Factory V2. Click on the below article to learn more.

    How to run SSIS in Azure Data Factory (Deploy, Monitor SSIS in Cloud)




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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