YouTube Connector
Version: 2

EndPoints for YouTube Connector

On this page you will see possible API actions you can perform with YouTube connector. We will refer this as API EndPoint or just EndPoint.

Label Name Description
Get video details get_video_details Read videos details by IDs or chart or myRating (pass one of them) [API Help..]
Get videos rating get_rating [API Help..]
Get playlists get_playlists [API Help..]
Get playlist items get_playlist_items [API Help..]
Get comments get_comments [API Help..]
Get channels get_channels [API Help..]
Get videos get_videos
Search search [API Help..]
Get report get_report [API Help..]
Generic Request generic_request This is generic endpoint. Use this endpoint when some actions are not implemented by connector. Just enter partial URL (Required), Body, Method, Header etc. Most parameters are optional except URL.