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Authentication :: API Key [Http]


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This walkthrough will help you create an API Key which you will be able to use in all requests and authenticate accordingly.

  1. Go to Google API Console
  2. From the Project Dropdown (usually found at the top bar) click Select Project
  3. On Project Popup click CREATE PROJECT
  4. Once project is created you can click Select Project to switch the context (You can click on Notification link or Choose from Top Dropdown)
  6. Now we need to Enable three APIs one by one (YouTube Data API, YouTube Analytics API, YouTube Reporting API).
  7. Search YouTube Data API. Select and click ENABLE
  8. Search YouTube Analytics API. Select and click ENABLE
  9. Search YouTube Reporting API. Select and click ENABLE
  10. Go to back to main screen of Google API Console
  11. Click OAuth Consent Screen Tab. Enter necessary details and Save.
  12. Click Credentials Tab
  13. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS (some where in topbar) and select API key option.
  14. In the popup, copy API Key from the field "Your API key", close this window, and use it in the UI configuration, "key" field


Parameter Label Required Options Description Help
key key YES
RetryMode RetryMode NO
RetryStatusCodeList RetryStatusCodeList NO
RetryCountMax RetryCountMax NO
RetryMultiplyWaitTime RetryMultiplyWaitTime NO