Google Drive Connector
Version: 7

Authentication :: User Account [OAuth]


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To make this work you will have to create an OAuth application. To register an App, perform the following steps (Detailed steps found in the help link at the end):

  1. Go to Google API Console
  2. From the Project Dropdown (usually found at the top bar) click Select Project
  3. On Project Propup click CREATE PROJECT
  4. Once project is created you can click Select Project to switch the context (You can click on Notification link or Choose from Top Dropdown)
  6. Now we need to enable Google Drive API.
  7. Search Google Drive API. Select and click ENABLE
  8. Go to back to main screen of Google API Console
  9. Click OAuth Concent Screen Tab. Enter necessary details and Save.
  10. Click Credentials Tab
  11. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS (some where in topbar) and select OAuth Client ID option.
  12. When prompted Select Application Type as Desktop App and click Create to receive your ClientID and Secret. You can use this information now to configure Connection with UseCustomApp=true.
    NOTE: If you are planning to use your current data connection/token for automated processes, we recommend that you use a generic account for token generation when the login box appears (e.g. instead of When you use a personal account which is tied to a specific employee profile and that employee leaves the company, the token may become invalid and any automated processes using that token will fail. Another potentially unwanted effect of using a personal token is incorrect logging; the API calls (e.g. Read, Edit, Delete, Upload) made with that token will record the specific user as performing the calls instead of an automated process.


Parameter Label Required Options Description Help
UseCustomApp UseCustomApp YES Use your own app credentials or inbuilt app provided by ZappySys for ease of use. If you choose UseCustomApp=true then make sure to obtain your own ClientId and Secret using steps provided (Click [Steps to Configure] link found next to Authentication Type dropdown)
ClientId ClientId NO
ClientSecret ClientSecret NO
Scope Scope NO
RetryMode RetryMode NO
Option Value
None None
RetryAny RetryAny
RetryWhenStatusCodeMatch RetryWhenStatusCodeMatch
RetryStatusCodeList RetryStatusCodeList NO
RetryCountMax RetryCountMax NO
RetryMultiplyWaitTime RetryMultiplyWaitTime NO