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Google Drive Connector Help
Version 5
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EndPoints for Google Drive Connector

On this page you will see possible API actions you can perform with Google Drive connector. We will refer this as API EndPoint or just EndPoint.

Label Name Description
Get drive info get_about Gets drive information [
Search items list_items Lists items (i.e. files / folders) with search criteria [Read more..]
List folders list_folders Lists folders [
List files list_files Lists files [
List deleted files list_deleted_files Lists files [
Get file info get_file_info Gets information of a file [Read more..]
Download a file download_file Downloads a file [
Export a file export_file Export a document editor files such document, Spreadsheets, Drawings, Presentations, Apps Scripts to common file formats as defined in this link [Read more..]
Upload a file upload_file Uploads a file [
Create a folder create_folder Creates a folder [
Delete an item delete_item Deletes an item [
Duplicate a file copy_file Duplicates a file [
Update a file update_file Update file [
Update metadata in a file update_metadata_file Updates meta-data in a file [Read more..]
Empty trash empty_trash Empties trash [
Delete all items delete_all_items Deletes all items from the drive [Read more..]
Generic Request generic_request This is generic endpoint. Use this endpoint when some actions are not implemented by connector. Just enter partial URL (Required), Body, Method, Header etc. Most parameters are optional except URL.