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    When you SQL Agent Job running as ProxyUser rather than default AgentService account then you may get following error.

    System tried to search for the following license types [SSIS_PP_ENT, SSIS_PP_PRO, …….., SSIS_PP_TRIAL] under the following path [C:\ProgramData\ZappySys\SSISPowerPack] but no valid license found. Additional information >>> LoggedInUser=MYDOMAIN\MYSERVICEACCOUNT >> RunAsUser=MYDOMAIN\MYSERVICEACCOUNT >>> Path access=True >> >> TempFolder=C:\Windows\TEMP\ [Read/Write=OK,OK] >> License Files Scanned [2] ==> C:\ProgramData\ZappySys\SSISPowerPack\SSIS_PP_TRIAL.lic.130498499674709531 [Read=OK], . Please read this link for more information => Inner error=> License type [SSIS_PP_TRIAL] not found or its expired. You are running TRIAL build, if you have paid license then you must download full version.


    Possible cause of this issue could be your Proxy User Account is trying to access Temp directory of Parent (i.e. SQL Agent Service Account). And by default one user cannot access directory under user profile unless you are an admin. Each user profile has its own temp directory which is usually located here %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local   


    To fix such issue first try to activate license under normal user account. Perform following steps.

    1. Goto Start >> ZappySys >> SSIS PowerPack >> License manager
    2. Register License Key
    3. Now try to run your SQL Agent Job again

    If above solution doesn’t work then try to give ProxyUser read/write permission on SqlAgent Service Account Temp directory using following steps.

    1. Open Windows Explorer. In the address bar type C:\Users\
    2. Goto {YourSqlAgentServiceAccount}\AppData\Local\
    3. Right click on Temp folder and add read/write permission for Proxy User Account (Used in your SQL Agent Job >> Steps >> Run as)
    4. Run Job again see it helps to resolve the issue.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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