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Version 8
ZappySys Logo File Version: v8
Supported Engine: 7

Authentication :: Token Authentication [Http]


Authenticate using Static Token instead of userid / password ([Token Access] option must be enabled under Admin Console > Channel > API > Settings and then Click [ADD API Token] to generate new token. These settings typically found here https://YOUR-SUB-DOMAIN.zendesk.com/agent/admin/api/settings [API Help..]


No instructions available


Parameter Label Required Options Description Help
Domain Sub Domain (e.g. mycompany) YES
UserId UserId YES
Password Token YES
RetryMode RetryMode NO
Option Value
None None
RetryAny RetryAny
RetryWhenStatusCodeMatch RetryWhenStatusCodeMatch
RetryStatusCodeList RetryStatusCodeList NO
RetryCountMax RetryCountMax NO
RetryMultiplyWaitTime RetryMultiplyWaitTime NO