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Version 2
ZappySys Logo File Version: v2
Supported Engine: 5

EndPoint Search




No description available [API Help]


Parameter Label Required Options Description
part part YES
forMine forMine (search in my account only) NO
Option Value
true true
false false
If set to 'true', parameter 'type' must be set to 'video'.
q query (search term) NO
type type NO
Option Value
channel channel
playlist playlist
video video
Must be set to 'video' if 'forMine' is set to 'true'.
channelId channelId NO
channelType channelType NO
Option Value
any any
show show
eventType eventType NO
Option Value
completed completed
live live
upcoming upcoming
location location NO
locationRadius locationRadius NO
maxResults maxResults NO
onehalfOfContentOwner onehalfOfContentOwner NO
order order NO
Option Value
date date
rating rating
relevance relevance
title title
videoCount videoCount
viewCount viewCount
publishedAfter publishedAfter NO
publishedBefore publishedBefore NO
regionCode regionCode NO
relevanceLanguage relevanceLanguage NO
safeSearch safeSearch NO
Option Value
moderate moderate
none none
strict strict
topicId topicId NO
videoCaption videoCaption NO
Option Value
any any
closedCaption closedCaption
none none
videoCategoryId videoCategoryId NO
videoDefinition videoDefinition NO
Option Value
any any
high high
standard standard
videoDimension videoDimension NO
Option Value
2d 2d
3d 3d
any any
videoDuration videoDuration NO
Option Value
any any
long long
medium medium
short short
videoEmbeddable videoEmbeddable NO
Option Value
any any
true true
videoLicense videoLicense NO
Option Value
any any
creativeCommon creativeCommon
youtube youtube
videoSyndicated videoSyndicated NO
Option Value
any any
true true
videoType videoType NO
Option Value
any any
episode episode
movie movie
forContentOwner forContentOwner NO
Option Value
true true
false false
forDeveloper forDeveloper NO
Option Value
true true
false false
relatedToVideoId relatedToVideoId NO

Output Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
id_kind DT_WSTR 200 False
videoId DT_WSTR 100 False
publishedAt DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
title DT_WSTR 1200 False
description DT_NTEXT 0 False
channelId DT_WSTR 300 False
thumbnails_default_url DT_WSTR 400 False
thumbnails_default_width DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_default_height DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_medium_url DT_WSTR 400 False
thumbnails_medium_width DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_medium_height DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_high_url DT_WSTR 400 False
thumbnails_high_width DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_high_height DT_I8 0 False
channelTitle DT_WSTR 200 False
liveBroadcastContent DT_WSTR 200 False
publishTime DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
etag DT_WSTR 300 False
kind DT_WSTR 150 False

Input Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
There are no Static columns defined for this endpoint. This endpoint detects columns dynamically at runtime.