SSIS Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task (AWS Redshift Datawarehouse)

Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task can be used to execute sql query against Amazon Redshift. With this task you do not need additional driver to execute Redshift queries.

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create Table and Delete if Exist.
  1. Firstly, You need to Download and Install SSIS ZappySys PowerPack.
  2. Once you finished first step, Open Visual Studio and Create New SSIS Package Project.
  3. Here, In Visual Studio, drag and drop the Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task in the design surface.
    SSIS Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task - Drag and Drop
  4. Now we need Amazon Redshift Connection. Click here to Create Amazon Redshift Connection.
  5. Double click on Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task to configure it.
  6. Select Connection we have created before, set Sql Source Type to DirectValue, Result Type to FullResultSet and Select Object Variable and Use Following SQL Query for Amazon Redshift.
    SSIS Execute SQL Query - Amazon Redshift
  7. Click on OK button to save configure setting UI.
  8. Thats all, you can run or Execute your package.
    SSIS Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task - Run or Execute


Property Name Description
ResultsetType ResultSet Type. It can be None, FullResultset or SingleValue. When FullResultset is specified then you have to store result in Object type variable. Full result is DataTable. SingleValue is Object datatype
ResultsetVariable Variable name which will store Full resultset ( DataTable) or single value of result. Variable type must be object datatype if storing full resultset
SqlStatementSourceType Source of SQL Statement. It can be DirectValue or Variable
Timeout Command timeout in second. 0 means no command timeout
SqlStatementSource If SqlSourceType=DirectValue then this property holds SQL Query. SqlSourceType=Variable then this property holds Variable name which holds SQL Query
Connection Redshift Connection where you want to execute sql command
LoggingMode LoggingMode determines how much information is logged during Package Execution. Set Logging mode to Debugging for maximum log.

Setting UI

SSIS Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task - Setting UI
SSIS Amazon Redshift ExecuteSQL Task - Setting UI

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