Amazon Redshift Connection Manager

Amazon Redshift Connection Manager can be used along with Redshift DataTransfer Task and Redshift ExecuteSql Task. This connection can be used to connect Amazon Redshift database from SSIS.

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In this tutorial we will learn how to create Amazon Redshift Connection. You can create multiple connection.
  1. In order to connect to Amazon Redshift Storage from SSIS you will need Credentials. You can click here to get credentials.
  2. Now, You need to Download and Install SSIS ZappySys PowerPack.
  3. Once you finished above steps, Open Visual Studio and Create New SSIS Package Project.
  4. Right click in the Connection Manager panel and click on New Connection.
    SSIS Create New Connection
  5. Select ZS-REDSHIFT Connection Manager from the Connection Managers list and Click on Add Button
    Amazon Redshift Connection Manager Add
  6. In the connection manager UI, Enter host name, check on Enable SSL, enter user name, password and database name.
    Amazon Redshift Connection Manager UI
  7. Click on Test Connection to check configure correct or not.
  8. Click on OK button to save Amazon Redshift Connection Manager configure setting UI.
  9. Once you finished, you will see Amazon Redshift Connection in Connection Manager panel.
    Amazon Redshift Connection - Success


Property Name Description
UseClientCertificate UseClientCertificate
ClientCertificateStorageType CertificateStorageType

Available Options (Use numeric value listed in bracket if you have to define expression on this property (for dynamic behavior).

Option Description
NotSet [0] <Not set>
LocalMachine [1] Stored in LocalMachine Storage Area
CurrentUser [2] Stored in User Storage Area
PfxFile [3] Disk File - PFX (PKCS12) format
ClientCertificateStoreName CertificateStoreName

Available Options (Use numeric value listed in bracket if you have to define expression on this property (for dynamic behavior).

Option Description
NotSet [0] <Not set>
AddressBook [1] AddressBook
AuthRoot [2] AuthRoot
CertificateAuthority [3] CertificateAuthority
Disallowed [4] Disallowed
My [5] My
Root [6] Root
TrustedPeople [7] TrustedPeople
TrustedPublisher [8] TrustedPublisher
ClientCertificateThumbPrint CertificateThumbprint
ClientCertificatePath CertificatePath
ClientCertificatePassword Password for X509 Client certificate
CommandTimeout Timeout for command execution
Pooling Connection polling for better performance management. Set to false to disable connection polling
Timeout Timeout for connect
RetainSameConnection When you set this to True it keeps connection open until package is running. By default connection is released when task using Redshift connection is done executing. But when you need something where multiple tasks utilizing same open connection then set this property.

Setting UI

Amazon Redshift Connection - Setting UI

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