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ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector Help
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How to read data from ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) in ODBC application

In this section we will learn how to configure and use ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector in the API Driver to extract data from the ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho).

Create ODBC Data Source (DSN) based on ZappySys API Driver

To get data from ManagedEngineServiceDeskPlus(Zoho) using we first need to create a DSN (Data Source) which will access data from ManagedEngineServiceDeskPlus(Zoho). We will later be able to read data using . Perform these steps:

  1. Install ZappySys ODBC PowerPack.

  2. Open ODBC Data Sources (x64):
    Open ODBC Data Source

  3. Create a User Data Source (User DSN) based on ZappySys API Driver

    ZappySys API Driver
    Create new System DSN for ZappySys API Driver
    You should create a System DSN (instead of a User DSN) if the client application is launched under a Windows System Account, e.g. as a Windows Service. If the client application is 32-bit (x86) running with a System DSN, use ODBC Data Sources (32-bit) instead of the 64-bit version.
  4. When the Configuration window appears give your data source a name if you haven't done that already, then select "ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho)" from the list of Popular Connectors. If "ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho)" is not present in the list, then click "Search Online" and download it. Then set the path to the location where you downloaded it. Finally, click Continue >> to proceed with configuring the DSN:

    ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho)
    ODBC DSN Template Selection

  5. Now it's time to configure the Connection Manager. Select Authentication Type, e.g. Token Authentication. Then select API Base URL (in most cases, the default one is the right one). More info is available in the Authentication section.

    OAuth Connection for ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus API [

    Steps to get ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Credentials : OAuth [OAuth]
    To register custom App, perform the following steps (Detailed steps found in the help link at the end)
    1. Go to Zoho API Console
    2. Click Add Client link
    3. Select Server-based Applications option
    4. Enter desired client name (Display purpose only)
    5. Enter some URL for Company homepage
    6. For Authorized Redirect URI enter (Or enter your own but we recommend using ZappySys one if possible). This URL must match on Zoho Connector UI.
    7. Click CREATE.
    8. Copy Client ID and Secret and paste on Zoho Connector UI.

    Fill in all required parameters and set optional parameters if needed:

    ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho)
    OAuth [OAuth]
    Required Parameters
    Optional Parameters
    ClientId Fill in the parameter...
    ClientSecret Fill in the parameter...
    Permissions Fill in the parameter...
    AccountUrl Fill in the parameter...
    RedirectUrl Fill in the parameter...
    RetryMode Fill in the parameter...
    RetryStatusCodeList Fill in the parameter...
    RetryCountMax Fill in the parameter...
    RetryMultiplyWaitTime Fill in the parameter...
    ODBC DSN Oauth Connection Configuration

  6. Once the data source has been configured, you can preview data. Select the Preview tab and use settings similar to the following to preview data:
    ODBC ZappySys Data Source Preview

  7. Click OK to finish creating the data source.

Reading data from client application
  1. Firstly, to get data from ODBC data source based on ZappySys ODBC driver, in your client application, you would need to connect to ODBC source and then from the list select the data source.
  2. Finally, to read the data just read tables/views in your app or enter a SQL statement to extract data, e.g.:

    SELECT * FROM Requests
Consume Data inside your App / Programming Language Once you know how to load data from ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector, you can click on one of the below links to learn the steps how to consume data inside your App / Programming Language from ManagedEngine ServiceDesk Plus (Zoho) Connector. ODBC inside ETL / Reporting / BI Tools ODBC inside Programming Languages