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Version 1
ZappySys Logo File Version: v1
Supported Engine: v1 or higher

Using Amazon Ads Connector in ODBC application

To use Amazon Ads Connector you will have to download & install ODBC PowerPack. There are two versions of ODBC PowerPack to download: TRIAL and FULL.

Download ODBC PowerPack

Download TRIAL VERSION  if you are trying it out (30-days fully functional product).


Download FULL VERSION  if you already have purchased the product.

Install ODBC PowerPack

By installing ODBC PowerPack you will install ZappySys Drivers, together with ZappySys API Driver which contains Amazon Ads Connector. Installing ODBC PowerPack is pretty straightforward. Installing a TYPICAL version will install all components needed for Amazon Ads Connector to work. So, you will be able to use ZappySys SSIS PowerPack connectors with each version of SQL Server.

Video Tutorial - Integrate Amazon Ads data

This video covers following and more so watch carefully. After watching this video follow the steps described in this article.

  • How to download / install required driver for Amazon Ads integration
  • How to configure connection for Amazon Ads
  • Features about Amazon Ads Driver (Authentication / Query Language / Examples / Driver UI)
  • Using Amazon Ads Connector


Once you have installed ODBC PowerPack you are ready to use Amazon Ads Connector. To see how to start using it check the next section -- Read from Amazon Ads