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Command Alias Description
continfo bktinfo, infobkt, infocont Displays container properties
info blobinfo Displays most properties about storage blob
cd change current directory for commands. If path starts with / then its treated as absolute path otherwise its treated as relative path from current directory.
copy cp perform copy of azure blobs from one cloud location to another cloud location
delcon rmc, rmb, delbkt delete blob container from azure storage
del rm delete blob(s) from Azure storage
get dow, download downloads cloud storage file(s) to local machine
getsas get shared access signature(s) for specified blob(s) or container
lsauth List all saved credentials
lsc lsb List containers from cloud storage
ls list List file(s) from cloud storage
killcopy Terminate server side copy for specified file(s). File name must be target file name used in copy command.
lscopy List all server side copy
loadauth load specified credentials into memory and set as default credentials for any operation in current context
mkcon mkc, mkb, mkbkt create new container
mkfile mkf create new storage file
mkfol create new folder. Empty file which ends with slash [/]
move mv Move blob(s) from one cloud location to another cloud location
put up, upload uploads local file(s) to cloud storage
ren rename rename cloud storage files
setacl setper, setpermission sets permission for azure container
setauth set authentication information to connect storage account
setprop sets file(s) properties
setopt set set azure option related to storage commands
snap Create snapshot of specified file(s) | Products | All copyrights reserved. ZappySys LLC.