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    change current directory for commands. If path starts with / then its treated as absolute path otherwise its treated as relative path from current directory.

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    cd [<SOURCE>] [--region NAME] [--auth NAME] [--accesskey YOUR_ACCESS_KEY]
               [--secretkey YOUR_SECRET_KEY] [--serviceurl URL] [--threads COUNT]
               [--consoleout FILEPATH] [-v|--verbose] [-w|--wait] [-i|--interactive] 


    Parameter Description
    Directory name you want to change
    --region NAME
    Region where requests should be redirected. If you don't specify region then all requests are first directed to US Standard Region (us-east-1) for name resolution. If you want to create new bucket in a specific region or you want to reduce latency in name resolution then specify this parameter.. Possible values are [us-west-1 | us-west-2 | eu-west-1 | eu-central-1 | ap-southeast-1 | ap-southeast-2 | ap-northeast-1 | sa-east-1]
    --auth NAME
    Credential entry name. This entry name must exist (previously saved using setauth command)
    --accesskey YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
    Cloud account access key
    --secretkey YOUR_SECRET_KEY
    Cloud account secret key
    --serviceurl URL
    Service url for cloud service e.g. --serviceurl
    --threads COUNT
    Number of concurrent operations. If you don't specify then system will use default settings to optimize transfer.
    --consoleout FILEPATH
    Captures console output and saves to file
    -v | --verbose
    Log verbosity level. -v means detailed, If you don't specify this option then minimum logging will be done.
    -w | --wait
    Wait for user input before exit
    -i | --interactive
    Continue in interactive mode after this command is completed. This switch is not applicable if you already in interactive mode



    changes context to root

    cd /
    changes current directory to parent level

    cd ..
    changes current directory to folder1 inside container1

    cd /container1/folder1 | Products | All copyrights reserved. ZappySys LLC.