PostgreSQL Connection Manager

PostgreSQL Connection Managercan be used along with ZS PostgreSQL ExecuteSql Task, PostgreSQL Source and PostgreSQL Destination. This connection can be used to connect PostgreSQL database from SSIS.

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In this tutorial we will learn how to create PostgreSQL Connection. You can create multiple connection.
  1. Firstly, You need to Download and Install PostgreSQl Server from here.
  2. Now, You need to Download and Install SSIS ZappySys PowerPack.
  3. Once you finished above steps, Open Visual Studio and Create New SSIS Package Project.
  4. Right click in the Connection Manager panel and click on New Connection.
    SSIS Create New Connection
  5. Select ZS-POSTGRESQL Connection Manager from the Connection Managers list and Click on Add Button.
    SSIS PostgreSQL Connection - ADD
  6. On New Connection Dialogbox enter connection attributes to connect to PostgreSQL instance and Click Test connection to verify credentials.
    SSIS PostgreSQL connection
  7. Click on Test Connection to check configure correct or not.
  8. Click on OK button to save PostgreSQL Connection Manager configure setting UI.
  9. Once you finished, you will see PostgreSQL connection in Connection Manager panel.
    SSIS PostgreSQL Connection - Success


Property Name Description
Host Name of the PostgreSQL server
Port The PostgreSQL port used to connect
Database The name of the PostgreSQL database
UserName The PostgreSQL user name
CommandTimeout Timeout for command execution
ApplicationName Name of the Application used to connect to PostgreSQL
Pooling Connection polling for better performance management. Set to false to disable connection polling
Password PostgreSQL User password
Timeout Connection Timeout
Enable SSL Option to enable or disable  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol
ConnectionString A string with the connection configuration
RetainSameConnection When you set this to True it keeps connection open until package is running. By default connection is released when task using Redshift connection is done executing. But when you need something where multiple tasks utilizing same open connection then set this property.

Setting UI

SSIS PostgreSQL Connection - Setting UI

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