Shopify Connector
Version: 1

Release Notes

On this page you can find what's new in Shopify Connector.
Date Description
2024-02-08 Fix - Allow InventoryItem / InventoryLevel update for a specific Location (e.g. POS / Physical Store)
2023-12-08 Fix - Product and ProductVariant table shows wrong datatypes
2023-12-08 New - Add new tables Locations, InventoryItems, InventoryLevels, Payouts
2023-12-08 New - New examples on how to call GraphQL API
2023-12-08 New - Add Insert, Update and Delete operations for Product, ProductVariant
2023-12-08 New - Add Bulk Lookup for Customers, Orders, Products
2023-12-08 New - Allow Product Add, Update, Delete
2023-12-08 Modified - By default include all orders (rather than just Open orders) to show POS orders.
2022-12-28 New - Initial version