Shopify Connector
Version: 1

EndPoints for Shopify Connector

On this page you will see possible API actions you can perform with Shopify connector. We will refer this as API EndPoint or just EndPoint.

Label Name Description
Get Customers get_customers Gets a list of customers. [API Help..]
Get Customer get_customer Gets a specific customer. [API Help..]
Create a Customer post_customer Creates a new customer. [API Help..]
Update a Customer put_customer Updates an existing customer. [API Help..]
Delete a Customer delete_customer Deletes a specific customer. [API Help..]
Get Orders get_orders Gets a list of orders by status, date and other search criteria. By default only Open orders returned. Change Status parameter to any to get all orders. [API Help..]
Get Order get_order Gets a specific order. [API Help..]
Create an Order post_order Creates a new order. [API Help..]
Update an Order put_order Updates an existing order. [API Help..]
Delete an Order delete_order Deletes a specific order. [API Help..]
Get Order Items get_order_items Gets a list of line items for all orders or the specified order(s). [API Help..]
Get Products get_products Gets a list of products. [API Help..]
Get Product get_product Gets a specific product. [API Help..]
Get Product Variants get_product_variants Gets a list of products with their variants. [API Help..]
Update a Product Variant put_product_variant Updates an existing product variant. [API Help..]
Create a Product Variant post_product_variant Creates a new product variant. [API Help..]
Create a Product post_product Creates a new product. [API Help..]
Update a Product put_product Updates an existing product. [API Help..]
Delete a product delete_product Deletes a specific product. [API Help..]
Delete a product variant delete_product_variant Deletes a specific product variant. [API Help..]
Get Payouts get_payouts Retrieves a list of all payouts ordered by payout date, with the most recent being first. Requires following permissions shopify_payments_payouts, shopify_payments for API Token. [API Help..]
Get Locations get_locations Gets a list of locations. [API Help..]
Get Location get_location Gets a specific location. [API Help..]
Create a Location post_location Creates a new location. [API Help..]
Update a Location put_location Updates an existing location. [API Help..]
Delete a Location delete_location Deletes a specific location. [API Help..]
Get Inventory Items get_inventory_items Gets a list of inventory items. Each Product Variant has Inventory Item Id .. Its one to one relationship with Product Variant and Inventory Item. Query get_product_variants to get InventoryItemId and use as Id in this endpoint. [API Help..]
Get Inventory Levels get_inventory_levels Gets inventory level for a specific location and inventory item. [API Help..]
Update Inventory Levels put_inventory_level
Insert Inventory Levels post_inventory_level
Get Product get_inventory_item Gets a specific inventory item. [API Help..]
Update Inventory Item put_inventory_item
Generic Request generic_request This is generic endpoint. Use this endpoint when some actions are not implemented by connector. Just enter partial URL (Required), Body, Method, Header etc. Most parameters are optional except URL.