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Version 6
ZappySys Logo File Version: v6
Supported Engine: 12

EndPoint Update Worklog




No description available

Parameter Label Required Options Description
IssueIdOrKey IssueIdOrKey NO
WorklogId WorklogId NO
Output Columns
Name DataType Length Raw Description
Id DT_WSTR 50 False
IssueId DT_WSTR 50 False
Self DT_WSTR 150 False
AuthorSelf DT_WSTR 150 False
AuthorAccountId DT_WSTR 100 False
AuthorEmailAddress DT_WSTR 100 False
AuthorDisplayName DT_WSTR 200 False
AuthorIsActive DT_BOOL 0 False
AuthorTimeZone DT_WSTR 50 False
AuthorAccountType DT_WSTR 50 False
CommentFormatted DT_NTEXT 0 False
Comment DT_WSTR 4000 False
UpdateAuthorSelf DT_WSTR 150 False
UpdateAuthorAccountId DT_WSTR 150 False
UpdateAuthorEmailAddress DT_WSTR 100 False
UpdateAuthorDisplayName DT_WSTR 50 False
UpdateAuthorActive DT_BOOL 0 False
UpdateAuthorTimeZone DT_WSTR 50 False
UpdateAuthorAccountType DT_WSTR 50 False
Created DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
Updated DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
Started DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
TimeSpent DT_WSTR 50 False
TimeSpentInSeconds DT_I8 0 False
AuthorAvatarUrls48x48 DT_WSTR 500 False
AuthorAvatarUrls24x24 DT_WSTR 500 False
AuthorAvatarUrls16x16 DT_WSTR 500 False
AuthorAvatarUrls32x32 DT_WSTR 500 False
UpdateAuthorAvatarUrls48x48 DT_WSTR 500 False
UpdateAuthorAvatarUrls24x24 DT_WSTR 500 False
UpdateAuthorAvatarUrls16x16 DT_WSTR 500 False
UpdateAuthorAvatarUrls32x32 DT_WSTR 500 False
Input Columns
Name DataType Length Raw Description
VisibilityType DT_WSTR 4000 False Enter 'group' or 'role'
VisibilityValue DT_WSTR 4000 False The name of the group or role to which visibility of this item is restricted.
Comment DT_WSTR 4000 True
CommentFormatted DT_NTEXT 0 False
StartedAt DT_WSTR 100 False Datetime with timezone
TimeSpent DT_WSTR 50 False Defines a time spent in hours and minutes
TimeSpentInSeconds DT_I8 0 False Defines a time spent in seconds