Zoho CRM Connector
Version: 7

EndPoint Add / Update Tags for records




Add tags for specified module and specified record id(s). [API Help]


Parameter Label Required Options Description
module module YES
Option Value
Accounts Accounts
Activities Activities
Calls Calls
Campaigns Campaigns
Cases Cases
Contacts Contacts
Deals Deals
Events Events
Invoices Invoices
Leads Leads
Price_Books Price_Books
Products Products
Purchase_Orders Purchase_Orders
Quotes Quotes
Sales_Orders Sales_Orders
Solutions Solutions
Tasks Tasks
Vendors Vendors
Your_Custom_Module_Name Your_Custom_Module_Name
Module name for which you like to get settings
ids Record Id(s) (comma seperated list) YES List of Record Id(s) you like to update
tag_names Tag Id YES List of Tag(s) you like to add
over_write Overwrite NO
Option Value
true true
false false
Set this to overwrite exising tags for the record(s)

Output Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
id DT_WSTR 255 False
code DT_WSTR 255 False
message DT_WSTR 1000 False
status DT_WSTR 255 False
tags DT_WSTR 1000 True

Input Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
There are no Static columns defined for this endpoint. This endpoint detects columns dynamically at runtime.