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Version 7
ZappySys Logo File Version: v7
Supported Engine: 12

Authentication :: OAuth [OAuth]


OAuth Connection for Zoho CRM API [

Instructions To register custom App, perform the following steps (Detailed steps found in the help link at the end)
  1. Go to Zoho API Console
  2. Click Add Client link
  3. Select Server-based Applications option
  4. Enter desired client name (Display purpose only)
  5. Enter some URL for Company homepage
  6. For Authorized Redirect URI enter https://zappysys.com/oauth (Or enter your own but we recommend using ZappySys one if possible). This URL must match on Zoho Connector UI.
  7. Click CREATE.
  8. Copy Client ID and Secret and paste on Zoho Connector UI.
Parameter Label Required Options Description Help
ClientId ClientId NO
ClientSecret ClientSecret NO
Permissions Permissions NO
AccountUrl AccountUrl NO
Option Value
US Domain https://accounts.zoho.com
EU Domain https://accounts.zoho.eu
AU Domain https://accounts.zoho.au
IN Domain https://accounts.zoho.in
CN Domain https://accounts.zoho.com.cn
RedirectUrl RedirectUrl NO This is the redirect URL you entered when you created app in Zoho Portal. URL must match exactly including trailing slash
RetryMode RetryMode NO
Option Value
None None
RetryAny RetryAny
RetryWhenStatusCodeMatch RetryWhenStatusCodeMatch
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RetryStatusCodeList RetryStatusCodeList NO
RetryCountMax RetryCountMax NO
RetryMultiplyWaitTime RetryMultiplyWaitTime NO