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    set authentication information to connect database server

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    setauth [<CONNECTION_STRING>] [-n|--name ENTRY_NAME] [-t|--temp] [-s|--save]
               [-r|--reset] [--consoleout FILEPATH] [-v|--verbose] [-w|--wait]


    Parameter Description
    Enter your ODBC, OLEDB or connection string. If you want to use driver then only SQL Server supported right now.
    -n | --name ENTRY_NAME
    Entry name. If this is not specified along with --save flag then information saved under default entry name
    -t | --temp
    set only for this session.
    -s | --save
    Persist information on disk so it can be loaded next time. This information is stored in encrypted form on your local machine.
    -r | --reset
    clears all saved options.
    --consoleout FILEPATH
    Captures console output and saves to file
    -v | --verbose
    Log verbosity level. -v means detailed, If you don't specify this option then minimum logging will be done.
    -w | --wait
    Wait for user input before exit
    -i | --interactive
    Continue in interactive mode after this command is completed. This switch is not applicable if you already in interactive mode



    sets connection string and save entry with name

    setauth --save -n LIVEDB "Dns=proddb;uid=user1;pwd=Pass123"
    sets connection string and save entry as default credentials

    setauth --save "Dns=mydns;uid=user1;pwd=Pass123" | Products | All copyrights reserved. ZappySys LLC.