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Version 10
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Supported Engine: 9

Release Notes

On this page you can find what's new in SharePoint Online Connector.
Date Description
2023-06-19 Fixed typo in example description.
2023-04-12 Added 'Filter' parameter to 'get_list_items' and 'get_list_items_dynamic' endpoints"
2023-03-28 Updated examples and added two new tables - "Sites" and "Drives"
2023-02-24 Updated upload_file endpoint to refresh DriveId dropdown on UI when SiteId changes
2023-01-06 Added Retry for API Limit errors (status code 429 or 503)
2023-01-06 Added Login Prompt option (e.g. Force Login Prompt for new account).
2022-12-02 Added SystemLists table. Removed readonly columns from 'create_list_item' and 'update_list_item' endpoints.
2022-11-23 Added support for Lookup type columns/fields when inserting and updating a list.
2022-09-19 Added support for Lookup and Managed Metadata fields. If user needs to expand specific fields then they can set expand parameters for complex types.
2022-06-02 Added new endpoint get_list_items_dynamic to read complex datatypes (e.g. Lookup, Location). Other endpoint will show null value in such case use this one.
2022-03-16 Added ContinueOn404Error option for get_list_item endpoint (read single list item by ID) to prevent error if ID is bad.
2022-02-24 Added 'SiteId' parameter to 'upload_file' endpoint.
2022-01-27 Added server side WHERE clause support for ListItem Id column for SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE operations for faster response / lookup operations
2022-01-27 Added download_file_to_disk endpoint to download a file
2022-01-27 Added support for very large file upload
2021-10-05 Made parameter "expand" configurable
2021-10-05 Changed comments in examples
2021-03-29 Initial version