SharePoint Online Connector
SharePoint Online Connector Help
Version 10
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Supported Engine: 9

EndPoints for SharePoint Online Connector

On this page you will see possible API actions you can perform with SharePoint Online connector. We will refer this as API EndPoint or just EndPoint.

Label Name Description
Read Main Site get_main_site
List Sites list_sites
List Drives list_drives
Read Drive get_drive
List Folders list_folders
List Files list_files
List Excel Files list_excel_files
List SharePoint Lists list_lists
List SharePoint System Lists list_system_lists
Read List Fields get_list_fields
Read List get_list
Read List Items get_list_items
Read List Items (Dynamic Columns) get_list_items_dynamic Use this endpoint if you face issue with NULl values in some columns. This endpoint scans metadata from few sample rows and decides datatypes. Use this if other endpoing showing null values for Complex datatypes (e.g. Lookup, Location, Person)
Read List Item (By ID) get_list_item
Create List Item create_list_item
Update List Item update_list_item
Delete List Item delete_list_item
List Excel Worksheets list_excel_worksheets
Read Excel Worksheet get_excel_worksheet
Download File as a column field download_file
Download File to disk download_file_to_disk
Delete File from Sharepoint Site delete_file
Upload File upload_file
Generic Request generic_request This is generic endpoint. Use this endpoint when some actions are not implemented by connector. Just enter partial URL (Required), Body, Method, Header etc. Most parameters are optional except URL.