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    set authentication information to connect storage account

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    setauth [<ACCESS_KEY>] [<SECRET_KEY>] [--region REGION] [-x|--exact]
               [-n|--name ENTRY_NAME] [-t|--temp] [-s|--save] [-r|--reset]
               [--consoleout FILEPATH] [-v|--verbose] [-w|--wait] [-i|--interactive] 


    Parameter Description
    Storage account name. Enter dev if you connecting to storage emulator
    Secret API Key to connect to storage account.
    --region REGION
    Default Region for storage account. Specify region to create new buckets in specific region (mostly in closest datacenter).
    -x | --exact
    When this option is specified region specific endpoint is used rather than standard endpoint. This option is useful when you getting AccessDenied or TemporaryRedirect error right after bucket creation due to DNS propagation issue. By default all requests are directed to US Standard endpoint (e.g so you don't have to worry about region of bucket.
    -n | --name ENTRY_NAME
    Entry name. If this is not specified along with --save flag then information saved under default entry name
    -t | --temp
    set only for this session.
    -s | --save
    Persist information on disk so it can be loaded next time. This information is stored in encrypted form on your local machine.
    -r | --reset
    clears all saved options.
    --consoleout FILEPATH
    Captures console output and saves to file
    -v | --verbose
    Log verbosity level. -v means detailed, If you don't specify this option then minimum logging will be done.
    -w | --wait
    Wait for user input before exit
    -i | --interactive
    Continue in interactive mode after this command is completed. This switch is not applicable if you already in interactive mode



    set credentials for cloud storage account and automatically load credentials next time program is launched (--save option)

    setauth --save AKISIZ6CSIVJYFBHOGDQ TWqduxmPHlqeCNZ3LU0DHptbeIHy5l/Yhg==
    set credentials for cloud storage account including default region

    setauth AKISIZ6CSIVJYFBHOGDQ TWqduxmPHlqeCNZ3LU0DHptbeIHy5l/Yhg== --region us-west-2 | Products | All copyrights reserved. ZappySys LLC.