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    create new bucket

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    mkbkt <BUCKET_NAME> [-r|--region REGION_NAME] [-d|--cd]
               [-c|--continue-onerror] [--auth NAME] [--accesskey YOUR_ACCESS_KEY]
               [--secretkey YOUR_SECRET_KEY] [--serviceurl URL] [--threads COUNT]
               [--consoleout FILEPATH] [-v|--verbose] [-w|--wait] [-i|--interactive] 
    Alias: mkb


    Parameter Description
    New bucket name
    -r | --region REGION_NAME
    Region name where bucket should be created
    -d | --cd
    Change current directory to new bucket/container once command completes
    -c | --continue-onerror
    Continue on error such as specified file is missing at source
    --auth NAME
    Credential entry name. This entry name must exist (previously saved using setauth command)
    --accesskey YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
    Cloud account access key
    --secretkey YOUR_SECRET_KEY
    Cloud account secret key
    --serviceurl URL
    Service url for cloud service e.g. --serviceurl
    --threads COUNT
    Number of concurrent operations. If you don't specify then system will use default settings to optimize transfer.
    --consoleout FILEPATH
    Captures console output and saves to file
    -v | --verbose
    Log verbosity level. -v means detailed, If you don't specify this option then minimum logging will be done.
    -w | --wait
    Wait for user input before exit
    -i | --interactive
    Continue in interactive mode after this command is completed. This switch is not applicable if you already in interactive mode



    create new bucket. Throw error if exists

    mkb mybucket
    create new bucket. Continue without error if already exist

    mkb mybucket -y | Products | All copyrights reserved. ZappySys LLC.