YouTube Connector
Version: 2

EndPoint Get video details




Read videos details by IDs or chart or myRating (pass one of them) [API Help]


Parameter Label Required Options Description
id Ids (up to 25 comma-separated) NO Comma-separated IDs of YouTube videos (max 25 IDs)
chart chart NO
Option Value
mostPopular mostPopular
The chart parameter identifies the chart that you want to retrieve.
myRating myRating NO
Option Value
like like
dislike dislike
part part YES
Option Value
contentDetails contentDetails
fileDetails fileDetails
id id
liveStreamingDetails liveStreamingDetails
localizations localizations
player player
processingDetails processingDetails
recordingDetails recordingDetails
snippet snippet
statistics statistics
status status
suggestions suggestions
topicDetails topicDetails
hl hl NO
maxHeight maxHeight NO Acceptable values are 72 to 8192, inclusive.
maxResults maxResults NO Acceptable values are 1 to 50, inclusive. Default value is 5.
maxWidth maxWidth NO Acceptable values are 72 to 8192, inclusive.
onBehalfOfContentOwner onBehalfOfContentOwner NO
regionCode regionCode NO
videoCategoryId videoCategoryId NO

Output Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
id DT_WSTR 44 False
publishedAt DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
channelId DT_WSTR 96 False
title DT_WSTR 255 False
description DT_NTEXT 0 False
thumbnails_default_url DT_WSTR 500 False
thumbnails_default_width DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_default_height DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_medium_url DT_WSTR 500 False
thumbnails_medium_width DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_medium_height DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_high_url DT_WSTR 500 False
thumbnails_high_width DT_I8 0 False
thumbnails_high_height DT_I8 0 False
channelTitle DT_WSTR 72 False
liveBroadcastContent DT_WSTR 500 False
categoryId DT_WSTR 500 False
localized_title DT_WSTR 500 False
localized_description DT_NTEXT 0 False
contentDetails_duration DT_WSTR 500 False
contentDetails_dimension DT_WSTR 500 False
contentDetails_definition DT_WSTR 500 False
contentDetails_caption DT_WSTR 500 False
contentDetails_licensedContent DT_BOOL 0 False
contentDetails_projection DT_WSTR 44 False
contentDetails_hasCustomThumbnail DT_BOOL 0 False
status_uploadStatus DT_WSTR 500 False
status_privacyStatus DT_WSTR 500 False
status_license DT_WSTR 100 False
status_embeddable DT_BOOL 0 False
status_publicStatsViewable DT_BOOL 0 False
status_madeForKids DT_BOOL 0 False
status_selfDeclaredMadeForKids DT_BOOL 0 False
viewCount DT_WSTR 20 False
likeCount DT_WSTR 20 False
dislikeCount DT_WSTR 20 False
favoriteCount DT_WSTR 20 False
commentCount DT_WSTR 20 False
player_embedHtml DT_WSTR 4000 False
topicDetails_topicCategories DT_WSTR 4000 False
fileDetails_fileName DT_WSTR 500 False
processingDetails_processingStatus DT_WSTR 150 False
processingDetails_fileDetailsAvailability DT_WSTR 150 False
processingDetails_processingIssuesAvailability DT_WSTR 150 False
processingDetails_tagSuggestionsAvailability DT_WSTR 150 False
processingDetails_editorSuggestionsAvailability DT_WSTR 150 False
processingDetails_thumbnailsAvailability DT_WSTR 150 False
kind DT_WSTR 60 False
etag DT_WSTR 108 False

Input Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
There are no Static columns defined for this endpoint. This endpoint detects columns dynamically at runtime.