Stripe Connector
Version: 2

EndPoint Retrieve an Invoice Line Items




When retrieving an invoice, you’ll get a lines property containing the total count of line items and the first handful of those items. There is also a URL where you can retrieve the full (paginated) list of line items. [API Help]


Parameter Label Required Options Description
InvoiceId Invoice Id YES Retrieve an invoice line items for the Invoice Id.

Output Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
Id DT_WSTR 255 False
InvoiceItemId DT_WSTR 255 False
SubscriptionId DT_WSTR 1020 False
Object DT_WSTR 100 False
Amount DT_I8 0 False
AmountDecimal DT_WSTR 100 False
Currency DT_WSTR 100 False
Description DT_WSTR 1020 False
DiscountAmounts DT_WSTR 1020 False
Discounts DT_WSTR 100 False
Discountable DT_BOOL 0 False
Livemode DT_BOOL 0 False
PeriodEnd DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
PeriodStart DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
Plan DT_WSTR 1020 False
PriceID DT_WSTR 255 False
PriceObject DT_WSTR 100 False
PriceActive DT_BOOL 0 False
PriceBillingScheme DT_WSTR 100 False
PriceCreated DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
PriceCurrency DT_WSTR 100 False
PriceLivemode DT_BOOL 0 False
PriceLookupKey DT_WSTR 1020 False
PriceNickname DT_WSTR 1020 False
PriceProductId DT_WSTR 100 False
PriceRecurringTrialPeriodDays DT_I4 0 False
PriceTiersMode DT_WSTR 1020 False
PriceTransformQuantity DT_WSTR 1020 False
PriceType DT_WSTR 100 False
PriceUnitAmount DT_I8 0 False
PriceUnitAmountDecimal DT_WSTR 100 False
Proration DT_BOOL 0 False
Quantity DT_I8 0 False
TaxAmounts DT_WSTR 100 False
TaxRates DT_WSTR 100 False
Type DT_WSTR 100 False

Input Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
There are no Static columns defined for this endpoint. This endpoint detects columns dynamically at runtime.