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Version 2
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Supported Engine: 8

EndPoint Delete a Product




Delete a product. Deleting a product is only possible if it has no prices associated with it. Additionally, deleting a product with type=good is only possible if it has no SKUs associated with it. [API Help]


Parameter Label Required Options Description
Id Product Id YES Unique identifier for the Product

Output Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
Id DT_WSTR 100 False
Name DT_WSTR 100 False
Caption DT_WSTR 4000 False
Description DT_WSTR 4000 False
Active DT_BOOL 0 False
Created DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
Updated DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
Type DT_WSTR 100 False
Object DT_WSTR 100 False
Attributes DT_WSTR 2000 False
LiveMode DT_BOOL 0 False
StatementDescription DT_WSTR 4000 False
UnitLabel DT_WSTR 4000 False
PackageDimensionsHeight DT_WSTR 4000 False
PackageDimensionsLength DT_WSTR 4000 False
PackageDimensionsWidth DT_WSTR 4000 False
PackageDimensionsWeight DT_WSTR 4000 False
URL DT_WSTR 4000 False
Images DT_WSTR 2000 False
TaxCodeId DT_WSTR 4000 False
TaxCodeName DT_WSTR 4000 False
PriceUnitAmount DT_I8 0 False
PriceRecurringInterval DT_WSTR 4000 False
PriceRecurringIntervalCount DT_I4 0 False
PriceRecurringUsageType DT_WSTR 4000 False
Shippable DT_WSTR 4000 False
DeactivatedOn DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False

Input Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
Id DT_WSTR 100 False