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Version 4
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EndPoints for Google Sheets Connector

On this page you will see possible API actions you can perform with Google Sheets connector. We will refer this as API EndPoint or just EndPoint.

Label Name Description
Read Sheet Data read_sheet_data Read google spreadsheet data from desired tab / cell location (i.e. start/end range) [Read more..]
Clear Sheet Values clear_sheet_range Clears values from a spreadsheet. The caller must specify the spreadsheet ID and range. Only values are cleared -- all other properties of the cell (such as formatting, data validation, etc..) are kept. [Read more..]
Delete Sheet Rows / Columns delete_sheet_rows_columns Deletes rows / columns based on startIndex / endIndex range (Index is zero based). For example to delete First 5 rows specify startIndex=0 and endIndex=4 [Read more..]
Delete SpreadSheet Tab delete_sheet_tab Deletes specified tab from spreadsheet [Read more..]
Create SpreadSheet Tab create_sheet_tab Creates new tab for specified spreadsheet. [Read more..]
Execute Command(s) batch_update_request Perform various operations available in online editor such as copy, paste, format, merge. Add multiple JSON command by adding comma after first command (e.g. requests : [ {..cmd1..} , {..cmd2..}, {..cmd3..} ] ) Refer to example requests on help link. [Read more..]
Update Sheet Data (Overwrite Cells) update_sheet_data Update data to spreadsheet on desired tab / cell location (i.e. start/end range) [Read more..]
Insert Sheet Data (Append at the end) insert_sheet_data Append data to spreadsheet on desired tab. Data is appended after last non-empty row/cell location. You can supply cell offset to start scan to find non-empty cell. [Read more..]
Get Sheet Properties / Tab information get_sheet_properties Read read sheet properties (e.g. list of tabs on sheet and its properties) [Read more..]
Generic Request generic_request This is generic endpoint. Use this endpoint when some actions are not implemented by connector. Just enter partial URL (Required), Body, Method, Header etc. Most parameters are optional except URL.