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Version 8
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Supported Engine: 9

Authentication :: User Account [OAuth]


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Instructions This connection can be configured using two ways. Use Default App (Created by ZappySys) OR Use Custom App created by you.
To use minimum settings you can start with ZappySys created App. Just change UseCustomApp=false on the properties grid so you dont need ClientID / Secret. When you click Generate Token you might see warning about App is not trusted (Simply Click Advanced Link to expand hidden section and then click Go to App link to Proceed).

To register custom App, perform the following steps (Detailed steps found in the help link at the end)

  1. Go to Google API Console
  2. From the Project Dropdown (usually found at the top bar) click Select Project
  3. On Project Propup click CREATE PROJECT
  4. Once project is created you can click Select Project to switch the context (You can click on Notification link or Choose from Top Dropdown)
  6. Now we need to Enable two APIs one by one (BigQuery API and Cloud Resource Manager API).
  7. Search BigQuery API. Select and click ENABLE
  8. Search Cloud Resource Manager API. Select and click ENABLE
  9. Go to back to main screen of Google API Console
  10. Click OAuth consent screen Tab. Enter necessary details and Save.

    1. Choose Testing as Publishing status
    2. Set application User type to Internal, if possible
    3. If MAKE INTERNAL option is disabled, then add a user in Test users section, which you will use in authentication process when generating Access and Refresh tokens
  11. Click Credentials Tab
  12. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS (some where in topbar) and select OAuth Client ID option.
  13. When prompted Select Application Type as Desktop App and click Create to receive your ClientID and Secret. You can use this information now to configure Connection with UseCustomApp=true.
Parameter Label Required Options Description Help
UseCustomApp UseCustomApp YES Use your own app credentials or inbuilt app provided by ZappySys for ease of use. If you choose UseCustomApp=true then make sure to obtain your own ClientId and Secret using steps provided (Click [Steps to Configure] link found next to Authentication Type dropdown)
ClientId ClientId NO
ClientSecret ClientSecret NO
Scope Scope NO
ProjectId ProjectId YES Login to and choose Project dropdown at the top to see list of Projects. Over there you will find ProjectID next to ProjectName. You need to get ProjectID which has BigQuery API support enabled.
DatasetId DatasetId YES Default Dataset Name you like to use when listing tables (e.g. MyDataset).
RetryMode RetryMode NO
Option Value
None None
RetryAny RetryAny
RetryWhenStatusCodeMatch RetryWhenStatusCodeMatch
RetryStatusCodeList RetryStatusCodeList NO
RetryCountMax RetryCountMax NO
RetryMultiplyWaitTime RetryMultiplyWaitTime NO
Location Job Location NO
Option Value
System Default
Data centers in the United States US
Data centers in the European Union EU
Columbus, Ohio us-east5
Iowa us-central1
Las Vegas us-west4
Los Angeles us-west2
Montréal northamerica-northeast1
Northern Virginia us-east4
Oregon us-west1
Salt Lake City us-west3
São Paulo southamerica-east1
Santiago southamerica-west1
South Carolina us-east1
Toronto northamerica-northeast2
Delhi asia-south2
Hong Kong asia-east2
Jakarta asia-southeast2
Melbourne australia-southeast2
Mumbai asia-south1
Osaka asia-northeast2
Seoul asia-northeast3
Singapore asia-southeast1
Sydney australia-southeast1
Taiwan asia-east1
Tokyo asia-northeast1
Belgium europe-west1
Finland europe-north1
Frankfurt europe-west3
London europe-west2
Madrid europe-southwest1
Milan europe-west8
Netherlands europe-west4
Paris europe-west9
Warsaw europe-central2
Zürich europe-west6
AWS - US East (N. Virginia) aws-us-east-1
Azure - East US 2 azure-eastus2
Custom Name (Type your own) type-region-id-here
The geographic location where the job should run. For Non-EU and Non-US datacenters we suggest you to supply this parameter to avoid any error. Read more