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Version 1
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Supported Engine: v1 or higher

EndPoint Orders: Get Single Order Information




The GetOrder operation returns an order for each AmazonOrderId that you specify, up to a maximum of 50. The GetOrder operation includes order information for each order returned, including PurchaseDate, OrderStatus, FulfillmentChannel, and LastUpdateDate. [API Help]


Parameter Label Required Options Description
AmazonOrderIdList AmazonOrderIdList YES A list of AmazonOrderId values. An AmazonOrderId is an Amazon-defined order identifier, in 3-7-7 format. (Example: 058-1233752-8214740).
Version Version NO

Output Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
AmazonOrderId DT_WSTR 76 False
PurchaseDate DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
LatestShipDate DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
OrderType DT_WSTR 52 False
BuyerEmail DT_WSTR 255 False
LastUpdateDate DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
IsReplacementOrder DT_WSTR 20 False
NumberOfItemsShipped DT_I4 0 False
ShipServiceLevel DT_WSTR 36 False
OrderStatus DT_WSTR 28 False
SalesChannel DT_WSTR 40 False
IsBusinessOrder DT_WSTR 20 False
NumberOfItemsUnshipped DT_I4 0 False
PaymentMethodDetails_PaymentMethodDetail DT_WSTR 32 False
IsGlobalExpressEnabled DT_WSTR 20 False
IsSoldByAB DT_WSTR 20 False
BuyerName DT_WSTR 52 False
IsPremiumOrder DT_WSTR 20 False
OrderTotal_Amount DT_NUMERIC 0 False
OrderTotal_CurrencyCode DT_WSTR 12 False
EarliestShipDate DT_DBTIMESTAMP 0 False
MarketplaceId DT_WSTR 52 False
FulfillmentChannel DT_WSTR 12 False
PaymentMethod DT_WSTR 20 False
ShippingAddress_City DT_WSTR 255 False
ShippingAddress_PostalCode DT_WSTR 40 False
ShippingAddress_isAddressSharingConfidential DT_WSTR 20 False
ShippingAddress_StateOrRegion DT_WSTR 50 False
ShippingAddress_CountryCode DT_WSTR 8 False
ShippingAddress_Name DT_WSTR 255 False
ShippingAddress_AddressLine1 DT_WSTR 255 False
IsPrime DT_WSTR 20 False
SellerOrderId DT_WSTR 76 False
ShipmentServiceLevelCategory DT_WSTR 36 False

Input Columns

Label DataType Length Raw Description
There are no Static columns defined for this endpoint. This endpoint detects columns dynamically at runtime.